Biology 323

Lectures and Lecture Outlines – Lecture 10


Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

California State University San Bernardino; Department of Biology



Lecture #10:   Development and structure of the heart and great vessels.


PowerPoint Lecture 10


PDF Lecture 10


Chose either of the above file formats for your lectures. I recommend the PowerPoint if you have it, it will be easier if you use these files for taking notes.


Click the link above. You will get a window asking if you want to open the file or save the file.


If you just want to print the powerpoint slides:


Select open (with Powerpoint), hit ok.


Once in Powerpoint, go to file, Print, halfway down the window it will say "Print What", change the selection from "slides" to "handouts" and to the right, change it to 3 slides per page. This will give you 3 slides on the left side of the page and lines for notes on the right side of each page.


If you want to save the powerpoint file:


Select Save, change the directory to where you want the file saved, and hit ok.


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